Getting our feet wet

We started off creating our characters. So far, the party consists of a female Half-orc Barbarian named Krik, a male gnome wizard named Ivan, and possibly a human female Psychic Warrior named Mika but we are unsure if she will be a part of this campaign or not. Everyone starts play at level four, since the first three levels are retarded. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather skip a bit of the game, rather than seek to complete various missions against slightly-larger-than-normal rats and lose.

The first night of play was just to learn the basics, and get a feel for combat. Krik and Ivan faced off against a formidable set of opponents. Mika was not there that night, and did not partake in the slaughter.Having been thrown into the arena with a strike force of ten orcs and two ogres, Krik and Ivan had a bit more than they could handle. After a tense battle, Krik was incapacitated and Ivan managed to stabilize her….. But they did win the fight!

Just to make sure everyone ended on a good note, the players were healed to full, and thrown back into combat vs. a Minotaur. This turned out much more positive, as Krik remembered her class defining mechanic Rage, Ivan had become more adept with his spell selection and efficiency, and the DM had a better understanding of how challenge rating worked…



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